My Latest Letter to The President About Reducing Demand for Illicit Drugs

Dear Mr. President:

Just as teaching people to respect the rights of homosexuals is tied to teaching them it is organic and natural (not a choice), to teach people about how illicit drug use is tied to how people "learn" to use their Human Reward System, and the adaptations involved when People do not have proper use of it, offers the greatest chance to reduce the demand for illicit drugs.

This is a paradigm shift both for the drug user as well as Society, and will empower normal citizens to think and act more like Parents than like Cops, and actually help People get over it.

Understanding that it is dopamine replacement therapy, and that the human drive for dopamine (and the feelings of well being, connection to others, and concentration it brings) I believe are key not just to the problems of drug abuse, but also so many other behaviors which have been criminalized.

How people "learn" to use this facility, and perspective over their dopamine pathways, can allow people to begin to weed-out their secondary pathways and focus on development of the primary pathway, which is relationships and one-on-one connections with others.  This perspective will allow people to enhance their experience of life and increase their experience of dopamine in natural ways.

This is why people take drugs on a habitual basis.  It does not account for the once-in-a-lifetime user, but understanding that the human mind produces this neuro-transmitter which is now both associated with not only our ability to stay on task and become sucessful in school and business, but also for our feelings of wellbeing and connectedness to others is so important, and yet, perhaps due to our dysfunctional views on Personal Responsibility, is not being seen as it should, and we need to help people connect the dots in a more logical fashion, to allow us to get to the important parts of the argument and move forward.  Abstinance is never enough, and leads to recidivism - but understanding their behavior is just a natural adaptation to NOT having access to something natural inside their own brains, something they CAN learn to get themselves, will reduce demand for illicit drugs, and is the only way to keep it lower.

Punitive Justice against drug users does not allow them to get better and in fact makes them worse (just as the death penalty does not act in reality as a deterrant or reduce levels of homicide).  This learning, if shared with the People, will reduce addictions, violence & learning disabilities.

Thank you,

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