Death Penalty

I have been for and against the death penalty over my life....

Until I learned of my ADHD, which I prefer to call Reward "System Dystrophy"

And in learning about my condition, and working towards increasing my dopamine activity,
I believe I have learned that besides all criminals starting with this or that condition or characteristic:
Most of society will never commit a murder, and as much as the dominant narrative presented tries to convince us that each of us is capable of murder, it is just not so...there is one population, and it has to do with whether that person has developed the knack of facile use of their dopamine, which invariably has to do with developing "pathways" natural to our species.  Humans have a drive to experience dopamine, we require it for concentration, we require it for feelings of well-being, and when People don't learn, or are not trained enough, in the appropriate use of it, a vacuum is left, and other, less natural pathways are developed.  Secondary pathways that are not as functional, are tied to specific activities and strong emotions, sometimes they learn the wrong ways to use their Reward System.  I use to wonder why I would almost 'orchestrate' conflicts whereby I could prove my superiority and self-righteous indignation, and get angry at others in public settings...a waiter who forgot my order three times, a fast-food worker who wouldn't follow my was because my brain chemistry at those times offered some fuller sense of myself, some depth of being I was lacking during the rest of the day.  If my beliefs had been more extreme, I am sure my behaviors could also have been more extreme.

In my case it may have begun with my family not knowing how to show me the emotional bonding, but I am sure it was not hereditary, but was definitely passed-down in a way.  Now, I have learned I can change this, and increase my dopamine through thinking of my relationships and orchestrating the meanings I attach to my perceived bonds with others and pets, and at the same time am learning to defuse and delete as much as possible the secondary pathways I developed.

But, we need to recognize that we are not beasts, and can describe and reflect on our inner-life, and we need to increase the awareness of the public to this important facility we now identify as dopamine or the Human Reward System, and begin to help people understand that we are beasts in that there are pathways natural to our species which need to be developed, and less natural ones that need to be defused through restructuring the meanings surrounding them.

And, if the rest of society were given these facts in their daily news, I believe they would begin to think more like parents instead of like cops, and show more compassion for those of us with this difficulty, and it's many and complex symptoms.

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