My latest letter to our President, this one about my story...

Dear Mr. President,

I am being denied any cash assistance (welfare).

After being out of work two years (laid-off, IT jobs off-shored + forbearance and mortgage precluded accepting lower wage jobs), my wife of 20 years divorced me and wants to kick me out.  Because I am still living in the marital home we are considered "one economic unit" so I don't qualify for federal welfare (GA/GR at County level), and because I don't have full custody (it was granted to my ex-wife in the divorce) I don't qualify for Cal-Works.  Until my ex-wife kicks me out I have no way of repairing my car, or finding meaningful work without money for the busses or trains, and no way of qualifying for any public assistance other than food-stamps.

Today I saw a documentary called, "Nero's Guests," where it was explained how humans were torched to create the lighting for Nero's grand party in Rome, and how none of the guests raised any concerns for the use of human beings as lighting for the party.  This documentary was explaining the plight, and suicides among India's farmers, and mentioned how if you give so much to the rich its called an incentive, but if you give a tiny bit to the poor it's called assistance, and as I look around the Internet there is so much disinformation about public assistance, but in actuality we've enabled the Wealthy to succeed in their class warfare against the poor, and we all have become complicit by our acceptance of their framing of the issues through our national airwaves.

Please don't compromise Medicaid or Social Security...and please find some way of providing the ability for the poorest among us to take control of our lives because it does not exist as things sit.
I am so upset there is no social safety net for men in my situation.  And, I am so upset that our televisions have brain-washed my ex-wife into believing everything is okay and that People like me are just lazy, when we really can't find work.

And, please, "Santa" repeal the Patriot Act, the NDAA and stop the drone war which is creating new terrorists faster than it is killing the old ones.  The real face of terror is much closer to home than is portrayed on television.

Thank you,

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